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cPanelŽ Flash Tutorials cPanelŽ Flash Tutorials
1. How to change cPanel login password? (viewed 8553 times)
2. Creating MySQL database on cPanel? (viewed 8651 times)
3. Creating a subdomain on cPanel (viewed 4746 times)
4. How to edit custom error pages? (viewed 3467 times)
5. Disk Usage (viewed 3614 times)
6. Email: Boxtrapper: Add Whitelist (viewed 4092 times)
7. Email: Boxtrapper: Configuration (viewed 3561 times)
8. Email: Boxtrapper: How to enable boxtrapper? (viewed 3508 times)
9. Email: Boxtrapper: Introduction (viewed 3566 times)
10. Email: Boxtrapper: Basic Settings (viewed 3581 times)
11. Email: Boxtrapper: The Whole Story (viewed 3520 times)
12. Email: How to create an autoresponder? (viewed 7888 times)
13. Email: Create an email account. (viewed 3763 times)
14. Email: Setting your default email address (viewed 8232 times)
15. Email: How to delete an email account? (viewed 3571 times)
16. Email: How to create an email forwarder? (viewed 3412 times)
17. Email: How to delete an email forwarder? (viewed 4482 times)
18. Email: Spamassassin: Enable (viewed 3498 times)
19. Email: Spamassassin: Enable spam box. (viewed 3514 times)
20. Email: Spamassassin: Introduction (viewed 4336 times)
21. Email: Spamassassin: Rewrite Subject (viewed 4542 times)
22. File-Manager: How to change current directory? (viewed 3321 times)
23. File-Manager: Change permissions of files. (viewed 3584 times)
24. File-Manager: Copy a file to different directory. (viewed 4518 times)
25. File-Manager: How to create a new folder? (viewed 3508 times)
26. File-Manager: How to create a new file? (viewed 3483 times)
27. File-Manager: How to delete file and/or folder? (viewed 3346 times)
28. File-Manager: How to edit a file? (viewed 3319 times)
29. File-Manager: Introduction (viewed 3654 times)
30. File-Manager: Move file to different directory. (viewed 3435 times)
31. File-Manager: How to upload files? (viewed 3491 times)
32. FTP: Change password of FTP account (viewed 3531 times)
33. FTP: Change quota of FTP account (viewed 3502 times)
34. FTP: How to create a FTP account? (viewed 3725 times)
35. FTP: How to delete a FTP account? (viewed 3431 times)
36. HotLink Protection: How to allow or deny a direct request? (viewed 3653 times)
37. HotLink Protection: Disable hotlink protection. (viewed 3325 times)
38. HotLink Protection: Enable hotlink protection (viewed 7932 times)
39. HotLink Protection: Introduction (viewed 3400 times)
40. How to use index manager? (viewed 3440 times)
41. How to password protect a directory? (viewed 3430 times)
42. How to add url redirection? (viewed 5097 times)
43. How to remove url redirection? (viewed 3431 times)

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Reseller Hosting Pricing Changed
Jul 30 2009
We have lowered our reseller webhosting pricing! Everyone's amount of bandwidth and other features have stayed the same but the price got lowered. Also nice discounts have been applied to quarterly/bi-annual/annual payment options! If you wish to change billing cycle, please contact helpdesk.

Existing reseller accounts with quarterly/bi-annual/annual billing have had free hosting months added to their billing cycle according to pre-paid hosting.

We have also made a discount coupon TENOFF which gives $10 discount for new reseller hosting signups. It is valid until August 31st 2009.

New prices can be seen at